Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Roberts Trade Paperback Contest

So Amazon finally got there shit together and has The Roberts trade listed as being available (yay!). I uploaded some user images of interior and the cover but we really need some word of mouth to get people to buy the book.

That's where you guys come in. We want you to write some reader reviews on Amazon.

For each review that you post you will be entered into the Roberts contest and the one winner will be selected at random.

Here's what you win:
The original art for page 8 from the second issue of The Roberts (see above)

A copy of the Roberts trade signed by Justin Shady / Wayne Chinsang and Erik Rose

An original black and white sketch of the character of your choice by Erik Rose

To have your reviews count; copy and paste the content into an email and send it to me at
Please include your full name and address. The contest ends April 6th

Write and post your reviews here!

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