Friday, October 26, 2012

How-To Silent Hill Halloween Mask and Costume

Went all out this year on Robyn's Halloween costume. One of the creepy nurses from Silent Hill.

Starting out with a paper mache newspaper and paper towel base I added layers of  gauze bandages using the paper mache mixture to adhere and mold the folds.

Between the initial layers I added longer gauze bandages to use as ties to wrap the back of the head.

Time to paint!

Using watered down black acrylic paint I painted over the whole thing making sure to fill in the crevices.

Next I dry brushed a medium ochre over the higher parts of the folds. This pushes back the crevices visually and gives greater detail overall.

Fully dry brushed  with the ochre.

Next a slightly lighter version of the ochre on the highest elements.

Now two more levels of dry brushing getting lighter and covering just the highest bits  to create better depth.

A little red and black spatters around the eyes and we're ready to go...

Finish it all off with a paint spattered and distressed dress, tights with hand drawn blue veins, and a tea-stained cardboard hat folded using a pattern found on the internet and viola - creepy nurse!!

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